friday 1/8

pictured: ADM

6pm: madison theater band challenge 1st round w/ as rome burns, break & run, coal train robbery, junior crime fighters, nekrotrip, stoned chakra, two punch gunn, zijnzijn zijnzijn! madison live. $10. >>

7pm: razing babylon, here come here, silver pocket trio. bogarts. $10.  >>

7:30pm: vestry at the transept. grand opening. join us for the grand opening of vestry, the in-house bar located at the transept. brought to you by 4eg and funky’s catering, we are happy to open our doors to the neighboorhood. the transept. free. >>

9pm: music event w/ marc governanti. rake’s end. free. >>

9pm: the westies. southgate house. $15. >>

9pm: jaw gems w/ ethosine, blakhi, ghost hussy, mvlamba, and juan cosby. chameleon. free. >>

9pm: james leg w/ special gusts the all seeing eyes. northside yacht club. free. >>

9:30pm: pony bradshaw. southgate house. free. >>

10pm: 6th annual david bowie birthday bash. drinkery. free. >>

10pm: a delicate motor, son step, jennifer simone. northside tavern. free. >>

10pm: dip dip dive. mt adams pavillion. free. >>

10pm: go go buffalo, analog bandits, and expeditions. motr. free. >>

10pm: adm, son step, jennifer simone. northside tavern. free. >>

10:30pm: kuber w/ the everymen. the comet. free. >>