friday 3/11

pictured: digisaurus

5:30pm: the mini microcinema – opening night reception & performances. the carnegie welcomes the mini microcinema with an open- ing reception premiering the installation work of alice pixley young, francis hollenkamp and paul karalambo, in- termedio (eric blyth, sam ferris-morris, justin west), and austin radcliffe. we will also unveil our posters for the new season. the carnegie. free. >>

6pm: love and the abstract, hammond & mair. c-link gallery presents a exhibition of work by two abstract artists who, in 2013 met in cincinnati, ohio and began a relationship as artistic collaborators and friends. view their work from the earliest days of their friendship through their courtship and into their present work. cincy art link. free. >>

8pm: dead august, day needs night, seconds out, shadow of shepherd. madison live. $8. >>

9pm: royal holland w/ joshua powell & the great train robbery. the comet. free. >> 

9pm: chris knight, american aquarium w/ ben knight. southgate house revival – sanctuary. $25. >>

9pm: punk rock night w/ the vigodas, frank rocket, the z.g.s, the transmissions. southgate house revival room. $5. >>

9pm: essential productions presents ott w/ meiosis, alejo. madison theater. $20. >>

9:30pm: wilder. southgate house revival lounge. free. >>

10pm: digisaurus w/ dark colour. motr. free. >>



Author: Jennifer Spriggs

Cincinnati-based designer and going-out enthusiast.